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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Hugh Cornwell
CatNo: 19075862401
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Hugh Cornwell Monster double vinyl Signed
Hugh Cornwell's brilliant 2018 double album Monster contains one disc of 10 new songs and another - Restoration - a beautifully re-recorded acoustic collection of Stranglers songs (including No More Heroes, Always The Sun, Dont Bring Harry and more). 
Double, heavyweight vinyl with download code inserts.
Signed by Hugh Cornwell
Final copies. Very small dings on sleeve corners. Signature slightly smudged. Sold as seen, no return.
Side A.
1. Pure Evel
2. LA Grande Dame
3. The Most Beautiful Girl In Hollywood
4. Mosin'
5. Mr. Leather
Side B
1. Bilko
2. Robert
3. Monster
4. Attack Of The Major Sevens
5. Duce Coochie Man
Side A.
1. Outside Tokyo
2. Let Me Down Easy
3. Souls
4. Don’t Bring Harry
5. Goodbye Toulouse
Side B.
1. Ships That Pass In The Night
2. Never Say Goodbye
3. No More Heroes
4. Big In America
5. Always The Sun