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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Held By Trees
CatNo: TJMLP02
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Held By Trees Solace Double_vinyl Mark Hollis Talk Talk
RSD 2024 expanded edition - with a second LP of bonus material - of Held By Trees' timeless and evocative 2022 release.
Solace was created using the improvisational methods developed on the groundbreaking Spirit Of Eden and Laughing Stock.
Held By Trees is a collective - assembled and led by David Joseph - containing a superb cast of musicians (several associated with Mark Hollis / Talk Talk).
Mixed by original Talk Talk engineer Phill Brown - who came out of retirement especially to mix Solace - the guest list includes Tim Renwick (Pink Floyd, Al Stewart), David Knopfler (Dire Straits), Eric Bibb, and Hollis / Talk Talk alumni Robbie McIntoshMartin DitchamSimon EdwardsLawrence Pendrous, and Andy Panayi.
A unique, wholly instrumental, album operating in an organic space between Post Rock, Atmospheric Prog and Symphonic Ambient, Solace embraces the precarious beauty of the seminal late 1980s/early 1990s Talk Talk records, while also offering something very much its own and very much of the here and now. 
The artwork features a motif by Talk Talk’s artistic partner, James Marsh and the album is mastered by original TT mastering engineer Dennis Blackham.
1 Next To Silence 3:51
2 In The Trees 6:08
3 Rain After Sun 5:00
4 Wave Upon Wave 3:07
1 An Approach 2:39
2 The Tree Of Life 6:12
3 Mysterium 4:55
4 The New Earth 6:28
1 Dawn Returning 7:16
2 In The Trees (Demo) 6:04
3 Rain After Sun (Demo) 4:21
4 Mysterium (Demo) 4:52
1 The Tree Of Life (CD Mix) 6:10
2 Vexed (Demo) 3:18
3 In The Trees (Ambient) 6:19
4 The New Earth (Ambient) 6:29