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Format: CD
Artist: Held By Trees
CatNo: TJMCD02
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Held By Trees Solace CD Mark Hollis Talk Talk
An expanded edition - with a second CD of bonus material - of Held By Trees' timeless and evocative 2022 release.
Solace was created using the improvisational methods developed on the groundbreaking Spirit Of Eden and Laughing Stock.
Held By Trees is a collective - assembled and led by David Joseph - containing a superb cast of musicians (several associated with Mark Hollis / Talk Talk).
Mixed by original Talk Talk engineer Phill Brown - who came out of retirement especially to mix Solace - the guest list includes Tim Renwick (Pink Floyd, Al Stewart), David Knopfler (Dire Straits), Eric Bibb, and Hollis / Talk Talk alumni Robbie McIntosh, Martin Ditcham, Simon Edwards, Lawrence Pendrous, and Andy Panayi.
A unique, wholly instrumental, album operating in an organic space between Post Rock, Atmospheric Prog and Symphonic Ambient, Solace embraces the precarious beauty of the seminal late 1980s/early 1990s Talk Talk records, while also offering something very much its own and very much of the here and now. 
The artwork features a motif by Talk Talk’s artistic partner, James Marsh and the album is mastered by original TT mastering engineer Dennis Blackham.


1. Next to Silence
2. In the Trees
3. Rain After Sun
4. Wave Upon Wave
5. An Approach
6. The Tree of Life
7. Mysterium
8. The New Earth
1. In The Trees (Demo)
2. Rain After Sun (Demo)
3. Mysterium (Demo)
4. Vexed (Demo)
5. The Tree Of Life (Alternate Mix)
6. In The Trees (Ambient)
7. The New Earth (Ambient)
8. The New Earth (Ambient Slow)
9. Dawn Returning