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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Hawkwind
CatNo: BREDD884
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Hawkwind The Future Never Waits Double vinyl
Hawkwind’s 35th studio album is yet another milestone in the band's varied and celebrated catalogue.
Opening track The Future Never Waits delivers a ten minute instrumental space-age march, which morphs into the guitar-driven The End, featuring Dave Brock’s trademark vocals and chugging machine gun riffs. Innovative additions to the Hawkwind canon such as Aldous Huxley and They Are So Easily Distracted introduce an almost lounge-like quality, with piano, audio samples and saxophones lamenting over a futuristic backdrop and roaming guitar solos. 
Double vinyl edition.
Side 1
1. The Future Never Waits
2. The End
3. Aldous Huxley
Side 2
1. They Are So Easily Distracted
2. Rama (The Prophecy)
Side 3
1. USB1
2. Outside of Time
3. I’m Learning to Live Today
Side 4
1. The Beginning
2. Trapped in this Modern Age