Price: £39.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Harold Budd
CatNo: Curio10
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Harold_Budd Luxa Double_vinyl
Harold Budd's Luxa on limited-edition double 180g vinyl (500 copies globally).
Luxa was composed and performed entirely by Budd in June 1996. The album was originally released on CD only by All Saints Records.
This first-ever vinyl release of Luxa has been painstakingly remastered by Tim Story. Pressed at 45 rpm, the gatefold sleeve is printed in a deluxe matte finish and includes a beautiful high-resolution, numbered art print.
Luxa contains Budd’s distinctive piano signature while maintaining the balance between 'pretty' ambient music and an evocative, starker use of space and silence. 
2018 Curious Music label edition.
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4 Djinn 0:49
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