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Hamish Kuzminski Camel On Track Marillion Book
Featuring a foreword by Steve Rothery of Marillion, Camel On Track provides a detailed analysis and history of one of the UK’s most beloved Progressive artists.
Featuring classics such as The Snow Goose and Moonmadness, the Richard Sinclair years, and late career peaks such as A Nod And A Wink, every Camel song comes under the critical microscope.
Born in Birmingham, UK and now living near Frankfurt, Germany, Hamish Kuzminski is the European Correspondent of the US-based 'journal of progressive music', Progression Magazine. Hamish first sneaked out of the house to watch gigs at twelve years old – and saw Camel live for the first time in 1977. Through his writing and social media presence, he continues to be an active promoter of the current generation of British and European progressive bands. He brings a very personal perspective to this book, based on a life-long love and deep knowledge of Camel and the band's music.