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Format: CD
Artist: Guranfoe
CatNo: ARP029CD
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Guranfoe Sum of Erda CD
Sum of Erda is the debut studio album by Norwich-based Progressives Guranfoe.
After years of writing, the band spent weeks in a Cold War bunker in the countryside recording and mixing the record. 
Accompanied by friends playing clarinet, violin, vibraphone, flute and recorder, the resulting album is the culmination of many years spent honing the Guranfoe studio sound into something distinct and unique.
CD edition.
‘In a space between rock form and jazz freedom, evoking the pastoral psychedelia of Anthem of the Sun-era Grateful Dead, while simultaneously conjuring the tricky time signatures of Gentle Giant.' 
1. Eventide 07:51
2. Night's First Light 09:04
3. Karu Vatsarin 07:03
4. Etsinta Visions 02:58
5. Etsinta Harvest in the Thar Sands 09:38