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Format: CD
Artist: Grice
CatNo: HS030
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Grice One Thousand Birds Symphony CD Richard Barbieri
The one thousand birds Symphony is a collection of compositions and sonic arrangements by art rock musician GRICE.
This special limited edition CD includes a bonus track, the original demo of ‘morning glory' recorded by GRICE at Swanston House onto 4-track tape (1998). The track was later reimagined on the One Thousand Birds album.
Guest contributions (and subsonic jewels) come from Richard Barbieri, Luca Calabrese, Raphael Ravenscroft, Hossam Ramzy, Steve Bingham and more....
Richard Barbieri populates the virtual forest with unique analogue bird sounds created on the System 700 ('A return to specific synth programming'. R.B.)
‘A fascinating exploration of combining natural music with composition. This is stunningly clever - a genius work.’  - The Progressive Aspect
In 4-panel lancing pack.
1. Dawn chorale (The woodpeckers dream)
2. The parliament, the mischief & the unkindness
3. one thousand bird symmetry (anxiety call to wings)
4. Agent starling (high roller glitch)
5. Birds on a wire (blackbird vocoder)
6. Wake & prey (buzzard song)
7. Bittern tears
8. Blackbird chain (traction in the rain)
9. The white crow & the windchime
10. The oldest tree (the highest branch)
11. Morning Glory (original demo)
The Musicians: 
GRICE - acoustic & electric guitars, keys, piano, percussion, 
vocals, programming, sound design, bird mangling 
Duncan Chave - sound design, bird warping 
Eliza Carew - cello 
Al Swainger - bass guitars, pedals, french horn 
Fred Ehresmann - piano 
Luca Calabrese - trumpet 
Field recordings and Filming by GRICE 
(various locations in the Shire, UK) 
Composed, arranged and produced by GRICE 
Mixed by GRICE 
'dawn chorale' mixed by Duncan Chave 
Mastered by Duncan Chave 
Artwork - GRICE 
Video trailer (unofficial) by GRICE 
Additional sonic Contributions: 
Richard Barbieri 
Steve Jansen 
Raphael Ravenscroft 
Hossam Ramzy 
Marco Maggiore 
Ondrej Pochyly 
Jack Lawrence