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Artist: Gran Torino
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Gran Torino Grantorino Prog cd

Gran Torino is a band of four Italian gentlemen who in the past enjoyed playing the classic masters of rock and hard rock, such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and then started to approach the sophisticated and enchanting world of progressive.

So the band decided to start a new ambitious project, which was born with the will to create a product that could resume the refinement and the technicality of the great progressive bands of the '70s, with the power and the originality of their own rock'n'roll.

Every member of the band has studied in important Italian music schools, and they have different musical past and experience:

Cristiano, the guitar player, started his studies with the latin techniques, then he approached electric guitar: Gibson is his first and unique love.

Alessio was born with the study of classic organ, and then his curiosity was stimulated by metal harmonies.

Gian Maria's heroes were John Bonham and Ian Paice, but then he started to look for a more intimate study of drum, in order to create his own drumming, powerful but refined at the same time.

Fabrizio is a bass player who spent most of his time studying jazz and then fusion techniques and harmonies.

Their favourite progressive bands are Genesis, Kansas, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Spock's beard, Area and PFM.

So, after a serious work of composition, arrangement and recording, they are coming with their first album; technicality, emotions and fun, all mixed together to create a new product: Gran Torino Prog, rock-progressive made in Italy!


1. Sinapsi 
2. Jack Montorio 
3. Rock Waters 
4. Joy 
5. Miridiana 
6. Fox Box 
7. Five (Bonus Track) 
8. Radio Vox 
9. Eco 
10. Zorro