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Format: CD
Artist: Gong
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Gong You Deluxe Canterbury Steve Hillage 2CD
A 2019 edition of Gong’s brilliant You remastered from the original Virgin master tapes by the album’s original producer, Simon Heyworth.
Expanded with two bonus tracks and a concert recorded live at Hyde Park in London in June 1974.
Double CD.
DISC ONE : Remastered from the original Virgin masters
1. Thoughts For Naught 
2. A PHP’s Advice 
3. Magick Mother Invocation 
4. Master Builder 
5. A Sprinkling Of Clouds 
6. Perfect Mystery 
7. Isle of Everywhere 
8. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever 
9. A P.H.P.’s Advice (Alternate Version) 
10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
DISC TWO - Live at Hyde Park – 28th June 1974
1. A Sprinkling Of Clouds 
2. I Never Glid Before 
3. I’ve Bin Stoned Before 
4. Mr Longshanks / Oh Mother 
5. The Isle of Everywhere 
6. I Am Your Fantasy 
7. Master Builder