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Format: cd
Artist: Gong
CatNo: SNAP015CD
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Gong Angels Egg CD Canterbury
Gong's classic companion to 'The Flying Teapot' shows Gong at its most adventurous and accessible.
Aided and abetted by Steve Hillage (at his majestic best) and drummer supreme Pierre Morlen, along with You, this is where Gong's endless invention is finally matched by the superb quality of its musicianship.
1. Other Side Of The Sky
2. Sold To The Highest Buddha
3. Castle In The Clouds
4. Prostitute poem
5. Givin' My Love To You
6. Selene
7. Flute Salad
8. Oily Way
9. Outer Temple
10. Inner Temple
11. Love Is How You Make It
12. I Niver Glid Before
13. Eat That phone Book Coda.