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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Godsticks
CatNo: KSCOPE1127
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Godsticks This_Is_What_A_Winner_Looks_Like Vinyl Kscope
This Is What A Winner Looks Like is Progressive Metal luminaries Godsticks 2023 masterwork.  
Effortlessly marrying technicality with earworm melodies to create an immersive experience, the album is their most collaborative to date; incorporating electronic elements alongside their trademark Metallic edge. 
The lyrical concept was inspired by TV shows that band leader Darran Charles immersed himself in during the UK lockdowns, but also takes influence from the crushing inability to escape from the void of live performance. Something the band deeply cherish.  
Produced by James Loughrey (Skindred / Def Leppard) with mastering from Maor Appelbaum, the album was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios.  
LP in single sleeve.
Includes a free bonus 3-track CD, Crushed (this is not exclusive).
"Metal as well as Rock, from the head as well from the heart." - Classic Rock DE
“Their blend of indie-rock and alternative metal has emotion and depth.” - Buzz Magazine 
Whilst we have quite a lot of songs left over from the This Is What A Winner Looks Like sessions which we intend to release in the very near future, the songs on Crushed were written at the beginning of 2023. 
This was a period where I was imagining sounds I couldn’t produce on conventional instruments or synth patches, so I began intensely experimenting with synth programming to recreate what I was hearing in my head. I had a similar issue with guitar sounds. I own an unnecessary number of guitars and yet I still couldn’t produce the sounds I was imagining, until I stumbled upon somebody selling a Taylor 8-string Baritone acoustic guitar. That unusual – and goddamn tricky instrument to play – provided the solution.
I hate the use of the word ‘bonus tracks’ because they mean a great deal to us. But we don’t want to keep them in the vault until its time for the next album, so we’re offering them exclusively to those who pre-order the album.
Darran Charles


This Is What A Winner Looks Like
1. If I Don't Take It All
2. Eliminate And Repair
3. This Is My New Normal
4. Devotion Made To Offend
5. Silent Saw
1. Throne
2. Don't Say A Word To Me
3. Mayhem
4. Lying
5. Wake Up
Crushed (bonus CD)
1. Crushed
2. Chaos
3. Only one winner