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Format: cd
Artist: Godsticks
CatNo: KSCOPE433
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Godsticks Emergence cd
Godsticks third album Emergence now available on the Kscope label.
A genre-redefining breakthrough for the band, the album was originally self-released in 2015.
Known for its technical ability, Godsticks fuse metal, prog-rock, jazz and nu metal into a musically and thematically cohesive style. As the band's sound has gradually hardened since 2008, Darran Charles' vocals have retained their distinct, relaxed style and become a defining quality for the band.
Compared to Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime, Dream Theatre's Scenes From a Memory, Tool's Lateralus and Opeth's Blackwater Park by Prog Magazine, Emergence is the strongest offering yet from this Cardiff based band.
"Dark and muscular Prog heaviness from one of the UK's most idiosyncratic rock bands" - Metal Hammer (UK)
"Emergence is a rare thing - an album of technically astounding Prog-Metal replete with hooks and melodies" - Total Guitar Magazine (UK)
1. Below The Belt [6:20]
2. Ruin [4:00]
3. Much Sinister [4:30]
4. Exit Stage Right [5:46]
5. All That Remains [4:38]
6. Hopeless Situation [4:30]
7. One Percent [6:30]
8. Emergence [6:10]
9. Leave Or Be Left [1:06]
10. Lack Of Scrutiny [6:59]