Price: £24.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: GNAC
CatNo: VF701G
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GNAC Afternoon Frost Green Vinyl Signed
Containing piano-led miniatures, layered instrumentals, and glorious imaginary soundtracks, the exquisitely atmospheric Afternoon Frost is the sixth full-length release by GNAC (Mark Tranmer, formerly of The Montgolfier Brothers).
Extremely limited green vinyl edition - of 100 globally - with three postcards (one exclusive to the green vinyl and signed).
“Tranmer's music has been one of the soundtracks to my life for many years now. I love the way his supple, original music can either soothe you in the background or absorb you in the foreground.“ - Jonathan Coe (author)
“Beautiful...” Alan McGee
“Ethereal...” - Tim Burgess
Side A
1. Gathering Shadow
2. Cencellada 
3. That & This
4. Kricka
5. Denticulated Lines 
Side B
6. Revenir
7. Cinematografica
8. Hanami
9. Winter Moon
10. Station Approach