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Format: cd
Artist: Glass Hammer
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Glass Hammer The Breaking Of The World cd
The 17th studio album from US Symphonic Progressives Glass Hammer is a distinctive and melodic fusion of the band's core influences, Yes, Genesis, and Gentle Giant. 
Mainstays Steve Babb and Fred Schendel are joined by guitarist Kamran Shikoh, drummer Aaron Raulston, vocalists Carl Groves and Susie Bogdanowicz.
Featuring artwork and a 16-page booklet by Michal Xaay Loranc, and audiophile mastering by the legendary Bob Katz of Digital Domain who says, "The Breaking Of The World is Glass Hammer's most progressive album to date!"
'Just when you thought the greatest and most venerable American prog band could get 'none more prog’, along comes The Breaking Of The World, the best work of Glass Hammer's career and their most progressive album thus far.' - Brad Birzner
1. Mythopoeia (8:34)
2. Third Floor (11:04)
3. Babylon (7:56)
4. A Bird When it Sneezes (0:34)
5. Sand (5:46)
6. Bandwagon (6:20)
7. Haunted (5:55)
8. North Wind (9:26)
9. Nothing, Everything (8:50)

- Steve Babb / bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals - Fred Schendel / keyboards, guitars, backing vocals - Kamran Alan Shikoh / electric, acoustic & classical guitars, electric sitar - Aaron Raulston / drums - Carl Groves / lead vocals - Susie Bogdanowicz / lead and backing vocals Guests: - Steve Unruh / violin, flute - Michele Lynn / vocals