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Format: CD
Artist: Gilgamesh
CatNo: ECLEC2242
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Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Remastered Edition Canterbury CD
A 2020 Esoteric label CD re-press of the classic 1975 self-titled debut album by Gilgamesh.
Co-produced by Dave Stewart, the album was recorded for Virgin’s Caroline label and featured a line-up of Alan Gowen (keyboards), Phil Lee (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Mike Travis (drums).
A true classic of the “Canterbury” style.
1) a One End More / b Phil's Little Dance - For Phil Miller's Trousers / c Worlds Of Zin
2 Lady And Friend
3 Notwithstanding
4 Arriving Twice
5) a Island Of Rhodes / b Paper Boat - For Doris / c As If Your Eyes Were Open
6 For Absent Friends
7) a We Are All / b Someone Else's Food / c Jamo And Other Boating Disasters - From The Holiday Of The Same Name
8 Just C