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Artist: Geoffrey Feakes
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Geoffrey Feakes Steve Hackett On Track Steve Hackett Genesis
Geoffrey Feakes' book examines each one of Steve Hackett’s studio albums and traces his long and varied musical history. Collaborations, live albums and compilations are also discussed, making this the most comprehensive guide to the music of Steve Hackett yet published. 
Whether a diehard fan or someone wishing to catch-up on his post-Genesis work, this book is essential reading.
Paperback version.
Geoffrey Feakes is an author and music journalist. He has published two previous books, The Moody Blues On Track in 2019 and The Who On Track in 2020. He has been a writer for the Dutch Progressive Rock Page since 2005 with hundreds of reviews and interviews to his credit. He first saw Steve Hackett on stage with Genesis in 1972 and has followed his career ever since.