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Artist: Led Zeppelin
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The Complete BBC Sessions Led Zeppelin vinyl
19 years after the 1997 release of the BBC Sessions comes the Complete Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions.
Boasting eight unreleased performances, the set includes extensive session-by-session liner notes written by Dave Lewis (for the first time ever, providing accurate details about all of Zeppelin's BBC sessions).
Musical highlights on this new collection include the debut of a long-lost radio session that has achieved near-mythic status among fans. Originally broadcast in April 1969, the session included three songs, I Can't Quit You Baby, You Shook Me, and the only recorded performance of Sunshine Woman.
Also included are two unreleased versions of both Communication Breakdown and What Is And What Should Never Be. Separated by two years, the performances vividly demonstrate the young band's rapid evolution over a short period of time.
Five 180g LP set lift-top box. Remastered under supervision from Jimmy Page
Side 1:
1. You Shook Me (23/3/69 Top Gear)
2. I Can't Quit You Baby (23/3/69 Top Gear)
3. Communication Breakdown (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)
4. Dazed And Confused (23/3/69 Top Gear)
Side 2:
1. The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)
2. What Is And What Should Never Be (29/6/69 Top Gear)
3. Communication Breakdown (29/6/69 Top Gear)
4. Travelling Riverside Blues (29/6/69 Top Gear)
Side 3:
1. Whole Lotta Love (29/6/69 Top Gear)
2. Somethin' Else (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)
3. Communication Breakdown (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)
4. I Can't Quit You Baby (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)
Side 4:
1. You Shook Me (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)
2. How Many More Times (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)
Side 5:
1. Immigrant Song (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
2. Heartbreaker (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
3. Since I've Been Loving You (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
4. Black Dog (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
Side 6:
1. Dazed And Confused (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
Side 7:
1. Stairway To Heaven (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
2. Going To California (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
3. That's The Way (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
Side 8:
1. Whole Lotta Love (Medley) [1/4/71 Paris Theatre]
2. Thank You (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
Side 9:
1. Communication Breakdown (23/3/69 Top Gear)
2. What Is And What Should Never Be (22/6/69 Pop Sundae)
3. Dazed And Confused (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)
4. White Summer (10/8/69 Playhouse Theatre)
Side 10:
1. What Is And What Should Never Be (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
2. Communication Breakdown (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)
3. I Can't Quit You Baby (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)
4. You Shook Me (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)
5. Sunshine Woman (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)