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Format: cd
Artist: Neil Campbell / Carlo Bowry / Gordon Ross
CatNo: CBR001
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Metamorphosis Neil Campbell Philip Glass CD
Neil Campbell teams up with Carlo Bowry (Muffin Men/Wizards of Twiddly) and composer/producer Gordon Ross for a release featuring Philip Glass's composition Metamorphosis (beautifully re-arranged as a classical and electric guitar duet), and Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint performed with multiple classical guitars and basses. 
"Neil Campbell is an outstanding guitarist whose originality of thought makes him far more than just another gifted purveyor of finger acrobatics." - Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine
"Two of my favourite Minimalist pieces given a fresh perspective. Deviating from its piano origins with a distinctive blend of fluid fingerpicking and wistful electric swells, Campbell and Bowry's guitar-driven Metamorphosis is a seductively mournful version of a timeless and hypnotic piece. As for Acoustic Counterpoint, it stands comparison with Pat Metheny's defining execution of Reich's thrilling composition and that's a significant achievement in itself." - Tim Bowness (No-Man)
Metamorporphosis (I-V) by Philip Glass
I - (5.56)
II - (7.12)
III - (4.37)
IV - (5.02)
V - (5.17)
Acoustic Counterpoint (I-III) by Steve Reich
I - (6.53)
II - (3.24)
III - (4.26)
Neil Campbell - Classical Guitar
Carlo Bowry - Electric Guitar
Produced by Carlo Bowry
Co-Produced by Neil Campbell
Acoustic Counterpoint:
Neil Campbell - Classical and bass guitars
Produced and engineered by Gordon Ross
Co-Produced by Neil Campbell