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We Ascend (EP)
Artist: The Radicant
Format: Vinyl
Availability: 12-07-2024
The Radicant’s debut EP We Ascend showcases the uniquely expressive gifts that Vincent ..
One Three Seven
Artist: The Pineapple Thief
Format: Vinyl
Availability: 09-08-2024
2024 remastered vinyl edition of TPT's 2001 studio album.   137 provides an excellen..
Original Album Series
Artist: The Stranglers
Format: CD

A budget-priced 5CD set containing a quintet of classic albums by The Stranglers housed in card s..
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Format: CD

UP (2002) - mostly recorded at Real World - saw contributions from the likes of Peter Green, Dann..
And I'll Scratch Yours
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Format: CD

The companion to the critically acclaimed Scratch My Back and the concluding part of a series of ..
On Some Faraway Beach: The Life and Times of Brian Eno
Artist: David Sheppard
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 04-07-2024
David Sheppard's acclaimed authorised biography of Brian Eno.   First publis..
Remembering Live Aid 13 July 1985 The Greatest Show On Earth
Artist: Andrew Wild
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 28-06-2024
On Saturday, 13 July 1985, a blazing, cloudless summer day, millions of people settled in fro..
Nirvana On Track
Artist: William E. Spevack
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 28-06-2024
Despite being active for less than a decade and releasing just three studio albums during the..
This Is What A Winner Looks Like (Test Pressing)
Artist: Godsticks
Format: Vinyl

Rare Test Pressing of This Is What A Winner Looks Like, Progressive Metal luminaries&nb..
Before The Grey Lantern (Test Pressing)
Artist: Mansun
Format: Vinyl

Rare Test Pressing of Before The Grey Lantern, Mansun's pre-Attack of the Grey Lantern era A..
Mordant Lake
Artist: Grice
Format: CD
Availability: 05-07-2024
Art rock artist GRICE releases his 6th studio album on hungersleep records.   ..
Artist: Genre Peak
Format: CD

Psychopathy is the 5th album by Genre Peak released in autumn 2022. Written and recorded by Marti..
No Songs Tomorrow is a 4CD set exploring the 1980s Darkwave/Coldwave scene throughout the UK, Eur..
1985 (Deluxe edition)
Artist: The Waterboys
Format: Boxset

1985 is a newly curated box set by The Waterboys' leader Mike Scott telling the story of the maki..
Blood Of Eden
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Format: Poster/Print

A 1993 poster of the design by Israeli artist Zadok Ben David for the Peter Gabriel track Blood O..
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