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Artist: David Sheppard
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David_Sheppard On_Some_Faraway_Beach Book
David Sheppard's acclaimed authorised biography of Brian Eno.
First published in 2008 and now reissued as part of White Rabbit's Deep Cuts series, On Some Faraway Beach has been fully revised and updated to cover Brian Eno's life and creative output since (with brand new material and an introduction by Alan Warner). 
'A book that sets new standards for rock biography' - The Guardian
Featuring interviews with many key collaborators over the years: from Bryan Ferry to David Byrne and Robert Wyatt
'This exceptionally well-written biography duly celebrated [Eno's] great achievements with Roxy, Bowie, Talking Heads and his own solo work in compelling detail' Uncut
Paperback book, 512 pages.