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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Alex Kozobolis
CatNo: PHA009V
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Alex Kozobolis Somewhere Else Vinyl
Somewhere Else is a beautiful collection of autobiographical piano pieces that distinctively occupy the space inhabited by the likes of Harold Budd, Roger Eno and Max Richter, while also possessing a spontaneity derived from Alex Kozobolis’s love of Thelonious Monk.
Limited pink vinyl edition in reverse board card outer cover with inner sleeve.
As encapsulated in the album’s artwork, Somewhere Else is conceived as a collage: of memories, of locations, and of timbres. It comprises pieces written over the course of a decade, tied together as a wider rumination on place, distance, and stability. From reflections on childhood memories to elegies for lost friends, every track carries an evocative title and presents an attempt to distill one or more past experiences in miniature by capturing fragmentary snapshots of moments, characters, and life-phases. The record as a whole stands out as a deeply reflective work – a novel, musical approach to autobiographical writing. 
Most strikingly, Somewhere Else is an album with the piano at its heart. Alex describes the piano as possessing a therapeutic and stabilising magnetism for him, offering a way to channel the symptoms of his Tourette’s syndrome into a creative domain. Recorded over a handful of sessions by Ed Hamilton (Dead Light) at his studio in the Cotswolds, Alex arrived with each track “about 95% complete”, ensuring to allow for spontaneity during the recording process. As a result, a jazz-like preoccupation with improvisation is embedded within this intimate recording, treading a line between stark and warm and giving full voice to the textured sound palette of the instrument.
1. Where London Sleeps
2. For Ingrid
3. Nothing Actually Happened 
4. Such A Thing A Home
5. Theme For An Empty Playground 
1. Speak To Him Of Silence 
2. The Perimeter & The Horizon 
3. Barcelona 
4. After Elysium [131]
5. Offline
6. Eye To Eye