Price: £43.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: John Foxx and Harold Budd
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John Foxx Harold Budd Drift Music Ambient vinyl
A 3 LP set collecting the ethereal collaborations between Electronic innovator John Foxx and Ambient composer Harold Budd.
The albums - 2012's Nighthawks (along with Ruben Garcia) and 2003's Translucence/Drift Music - are available on 180g heavyweight vinyl and housed in a rigid slipcase designed by Jonathan Barnbrook - famed for his design work on David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ release.
This release comes with a limited signed print.
John Foxx and Harold Budd : Translucence (2003)
A1. Subtext [5:59]
A2. Spoken Roses [6:21]
A3. Momentary Architecture [1:40]
A4. Adult [3:04]
A5. Long Light [3:54]
A6. A Change In The Weather [2:42]
B1. Here And Now [3:59]
B2. Almost Overlooked [2:31]
B3. Implicit [5:26]
B4. Raindust [7:08]
B5. Missing Person [1:36]
B6. You Again [3:25]
John Foxx and Harold Budd : Drift Music (2003)
A1. Sunlit Silhouette [3:15]
A2. The Other Room [1:57]
A3. Some Way Through All The Cities [4:18]
A4. Stepping Sideways [3:45]
A5. A Delicate Romance [7:15]
A6. Linger [1:59]
A7. Curtains Blowing [3:07]
B1. Weather Patterns [1:50]
B2. Coming Into Focus [5:02]
B3. After All This Time [6:56]
B4. Someone Almost There [1:34]
B5. Resonant Frequency [2:45]
B6. Avenue Of Trees [1:16]
B7. Underwater Flowers [6:05]
B8. Arriving [1:25]
John Foxx and Harold Budd (Featuring Ruben Garcia) : Nighthawks (2012)
A1. Down A Windy Street [5:26]
A2. Now That I've Forgotten You [3:21]
A3. The Invisible Man [5:27]
A4. Fugitive Desire [2:43]
A5. From Then To Now [4:23]
B1. When The City Stops For Snow [5:13]
B2. The Shadow Of Her Former Self [4:13]
B3. Music For Swimmers [5:49]
B4. Lovedust [2:21]
B5. Nighthawks [2:55]