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Format: vinyl
Artist: David Byrne
CatNo: 0075597932218
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David Byrne American Utopia Eno Talking Heads vinyl
American Utopia - David Byrne’s new album - fits hand-in-hand with Byrne’s vision for his series ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’, an ongoing project curated by Byrne of hopeful writings, photos, music, and lectures –named for the song by the late Ian Dury. 
The album features contributions from Brian Eno, TTY, Happa Isaiah Barr (Onyx Collective), Sampha, and others.
Over the last year, Byrne has been collecting stories, news, ideas, and other items that all either embody or identify examples of things that inspire optimism. Just as the album questions the current state of society while offering solace through song, the content of the series recognizes the darkness and complexity of today while showcasing alternatives to the despair that threatens us. 
The album packaging features the work of “outsider artist” Purvis Young, whose work was often a blend of painting/drawing and collaged elements comprised of everyday found objects. 
140g vinyl edition with download card and insert.
1.       I Dance Like This
2.       Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
3.       Every Day Is A Miracle
4.       Dog’s Mind
5.       This Is That
6.        It’s Not Dark Up Here
7.        Bullet
8.        Doing The Right Thing
9.        Everybody’s Coming To My House
10.      Here