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Format: cd
Artist: Associates
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Associates The Affectionate Punch - Expande cd
An expanded double CD edition of the Associates striking debut studio release from 1980.
Remastered from quarter inch tape, this 2016 edition contains a 28 page booklet featuring lyrics, liner notes, previously unpublished photos and rare memorabilia.
CD 1:
The Affectionate Punch
Amused As Always
Logan Time
Paper House
Transport To Central
A Matter Of Gender
Even Dogs In The Wild
Would I... Bounce Back
Deeply Concerned
CD 2:
Boys Keep Swinging
Mona Property Girl
Green For Grief
Saline Drips
Galaxy Of Memories
Double Hipness
Big Waltz (aka Paper House)
Janice (aka Deeply Concerned)
You Were Young
Bounce Back - Remix
A - Remix
Amused As Always - Remix
The Affectionate Punch - Remix
The End