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Format: vinyl
Artist: Ultravox
CatNo: VIN180LP088
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Quartet Ultravox vinyl


Quartet is the second of the Weatherbox label's series of deluxe Ultravox vinyl re-issues.
Pressed on 180g vinyl copies on white vinyl, with a bonus white vinyl 7" single, the album comes in a heavyweight sleeve and inner bag.
The bonus single includes Serenade (single edit) and and fanclub flexi disc version of The Voice (live).
The vinyl is pressed using the 2008 remastered edition.


1. Reap The Wild Wind
2. Serenade
3. Mine For Life
4. Hymn
5. Visions In Blue
6. When The Scream Subsides
7. We Came To Dance
8. Cut And Run
9. The Song (We Go)
Bonus 7 inch single:
a - Serenade (single edit)
b - The Voice (live) (fanclub flexi disc version)