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Format: cd
Artist: The Residents
CatNo: MVD6427A
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CD The Residents Whatever Happened To Vileness Fa


Two mid 1980s soundtracks on one cd from the incomparably strange The Residents.
Vileness Fats was intended to be The Residents musical masterwork film. Starting in 1972 and shot over four years, the project was eventually abandoned without being completed. 
In 1985, a video collection of scenes titled, Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats? surfaced featuring a new score from The Residents.
This cd also includes excerpts from the soundtrack for the 1984 film The Census Taker.


Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?:
1. Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?
2. Atomic Shopping Carts
3. Adventures Of A Troubled Heart
4. Search For The Short Man
5. The Importance Of Evergreen
6. Broccoli And Saxophone
7. Eloise
8. Disguised As Meat
9. Thoughts Busily Betraying
10. Lord, It's Lonely
11. The Knife Fight
Excerpts from the soundtrack to The Census Taker:
12. Creeping Dread
13. The Census Taker
14. Talk
15. Hellno
16. Where Is She?
17. Innocence Decayed
18. Romanian
19. Passing The Bottle
20. The Census Taker Returns