Jazz/Rock/Psychedelia with cinematic scope.
Mysteries Of The Revolution features BB Davis on drums, flute, percussion, beatvox and voice, Daniel Biro on keyboards and the late, great bassist Mark Smith. 
The intense playing by all three protagonists pushes the music into an eclectic jungle of jazzified fusion/world/bigbeat/neo-classical/psychedelia. 
Whether it be the earnest, full-on, passionate Hammond growling of The Crunch, the melodious, driving Romantica, the Arabic flavoured Secret Fire, the slinky vibe of Storius Sensorius, the dark weirdness  of Moonfrog’s Tucker or Davis' tour-de-force flute/beatvox piece Big Budd'ah (dedicated to one of his greatest influences, Rahsaan Roland Kirk) each track displays the unit's sense of purpose.
CD in gatefold cardboard sleeve.


1. Welcome (1:54)
2. The Crunch (10:16)
3. Storius Sensorius (5:58)
4. The Elevation Of Mr Handy (5:54)
5. Moonfrog's Tucker (3:09)
6. Nico (5:28)
7. Secret Fire (5:34)
8. Romantica (9:57)
9. Big Buddah (3:33)
10. Have You Seen Enough? (8:36)
11. Evolution (3:39)
BB Davis: drums, flute, vocals
Daniel Biro: keyboards
Mark Smith: bass