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Artist: Isabelle Antena
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Isabelle Antena En Cavale CD
En Cavale is the debut solo album by Isabelle Antena, originally issued by Les Disques du Crépuscule in April 1986.
Following the demise of the original Antena trio, En Cavale ('on the run') saw Isabelle transition from minimalist electro-samba to smooth pop sophistication. Largely produced by Martin Hayles (Rip It Up era Orange Juice) the album's synth and dance-pop stylings embrace disco (Be Pop, Don't Think About It), Latin jazz (Play Back) and chilled ballads (Seaside Weekend, Ten Minutes). Little wonder, for at the time Antena cited Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto and Sister Sledge as prime influences.
The remastered CD features seven bonus tracks including b-sides and the 12" mixes of singles Be Pop and Life Is Too Short. Artwork by Benoît Hennebert.
1. Play Back
2. Easy Street
3. Seaside Weekend
4. Ten Minutes
5. How Can They Tell?
6. Be Pop
7. Magic Words
8. Booby Trap
9. Life Is Too Short
10. Don't Think About It
11. Blow the World Away
12. Mummy's Not At Home
13. Time to Work
14. Behind the Door
15. Be Pop (12")
16. Life Is Too Short (12")