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Artist: Brad Mehldau
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Brad Mehldau Jacobs Ladder CD
Contemporary Jazz great Brad Mehldau’s 2022 album Jacob’s Ladder features music inspired by the Prog Rock Mehldau loved as an adolescent.
“The musical conduit on the record is prog,” Mehldau says. “Progressive rock - Rush, Yes, Gentle Giant, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer - was the music of my childhood, before I discovered jazz. It was my gateway to the fusion of Miles Davis, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra and other groups, which in turn was the gateway to more jazz."
Features unique and beautiful variations on Cogs In Cogs, Tom Sawyer, Würm and more.
CD in softpak.
01. maybe as his skies are wide
02. Herr und Knecht 
03. (Entr’acte) Glam Perfume
04. Cogs in Cogs, Pt. I: Dance          
05. Cogs in Cogs, Pt. II: Song
06. Cogs in Cogs, Pt. III: Double Fugue         
07. Tom Sawyer       
08. Vou correndo te encontrar / Racecar       
09. Jacob’s Ladder, Pt. I: Liturgy       
10. Jacob’s Ladder, Pt. II: Song         
11. Jacob’s Ladder, Pt. III: Ladder     
12. Heaven: I. All Once – II. Life Seeker – III. Würm – IV. Epilogue: It Was a Dream but I Carry It Still