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Format: CD
Artist: MooV
CatNo: CRCD04
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MooV Fold CD
Released in 2008, Fold was the debut release from Colin Riley's MooV project.
Riley, best known for his work with Bill Bruford, formed the band as a way to explore his interest creating a music that uniquely drew from ethereal forward-thinking Pop, Scandinavian chamber Jazz, Ambient and Minimalist Classical genres.
'Extraordinarily strange and beautiful.' - Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1
"Spectacularly beautiful and appealing. A provocative album, which challenges one's prejudices.' - Bill Bruford
'MooV thrives on the tension between fragmented, minimalist instrumental textures and the ecstatic, lyrical melodies that float across them, suggesting the voice of the impassioned individual surrounded by the indifferent chatter of 21st-century life. Worth seeking out for anyone interested in sassy, sophisticated new music.' - Classical Source 2006
'The songs are occasionally reminiscent of David Sylvian, while Nygard also comes across with the left-field pop sensibility of Bjork.' - Jazzwise
1. Pure         
2. Beautiful Wounds         
3. No Trace         
4. Coil         
5. Fall Away         
6. Interference         
7. Close Up Close Down         
8. How Many Steps?         
9. The Bare Image Of You         
10. Na Sov (Now Sleep)         
11. Burn         
12. Holding The Time         
13. End With Mourning  
Colin Riley - piano, electronics, production
Natalie Rozario - cello
Pete Wilson - bass
Rob Millett - percussion
Elisabeth Nygard - vocals