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Format: vinyl
Artist: Robert Wyatt
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Robert Wyatt Shleep vinyl
Robert Wyatt's seventh studio album from 1997 was seen as something of a return to the charming experiments of his best 1970s work and features guest appearances by Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Philip Catherine and others.
Double 180g vinyl edition with 8 bonus tracks and download card.
This a 2016 re-press of the Domino Records 2008 edition (catalogue # REWIGLP45).
A1 Heaps Of Sheeps
A2 The Duchess
A3 Maryan
A4 Was A Friend
B1 Free Will And Testament
B2 September The Ninth
B3 Alien
C1 Out Of Season
C2 A Sunday In Madrid
C3 Blues In Bob Minor
C4 The Whole Point Of No Return
Bonus Tracks:
C5 Te Recuerdo Amanda
C6 Yolanda
D1 When Access Was A Noun
D2 Fridge
D3 Salt/Ivy
D4 Signed Curtain (Plus Cornet)
D5 September In The Rain
D6 I Wonder How Your Breath Can Last