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Format: cd
Artist: Hopper/Kramer
CatNo: HST134CD
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Hugh Hopper Kramer Canterbury Psychedelia CD
A Remark Hugh Made is a studio album by Hugh Hopper and Kramer, originally released in 1994 on Shimmy Disc.
The music that these extraordinary talents made together gloriously combines eclectic influences ranging from Jazz to to Psychedelia to World Music and beyond.
A lost treasure.


1. Free Will & Testament 
2. A Streetcar Named Desire 
3. We Can Work It Out 
4. The Twelve Chairs 
5. This Island Earth 
6. Superthunderstingercar 
7. John Milton is Dead 
8. All in my Head 
9. Sliding Dogs 
10.His Wife For a Hat 
11.Lenny Bruce Sings 
12.His Hat For a Wife 
13.Our Final Remark