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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Gong
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Gong in concert in 1990 on cd and dvd (pal, region 0), performing material from the legendary Radio Gnome Trilogy and Camembert Electrique.
Deluxe package - at a special price - includes extended notes, new interviews, photographs and memorabilia.
Line-up featuring Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe and Pip Pyle. Taken from Carlton TV broadcast.
We have a few copies available at a bargain price.
1. Planetary Introduction
2. You Can't Kill Me
3. I've Bin Stone Before (including: Mr. Long Shanks and O Mother)
4. Radio Gnome
5. Pot-Head Pixies
6. Voix Lactee
7. Outer Vision
8. Inner Vision
9. Flying Teacup
10. I Am You
- Daevid Allen / vocals, guitar, glissando guitar 
- Gilli Smyth / space whisper, vocals 
- Didier Malherbe / tenor and soprano saxophones, flute 
- Steffe / guitar, vocals 
- Twink / synthesizers, keyboards, backing vocals 
- Keith tha Bass / bass, vocals 
- Pip Pyle / drums