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Format: CD
Artist: Genre Peak
CatNo: HST105CD
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Genre_Peak Redux CD
A 2012 compilation from Alt Electronic Rock project Genre Peak (composer/percussionist Martin Birke, producer/engineer Christopher Scott Cooper and guest musicians).
Charismatic singer Percy Howard and the legendary Mick Karn contribute.
1. Words Surround Us (feat. Percy Howard) 06:26
2. Wear It Well (feat. Mick Karn & Tara C. Taylor) 05:28
3. Blue Filter (Percy Howard remix) 04:05
4. Ends Of The Earth 04:48
5. Hell On The Surface 05:52
6. Amena (feat. Tara C. Taylor) 05:24
7. Rama 03:20
8. Absence 03:37
9. Point Of No Return 06:48
10. Microsphere 13 04:59
11. Different Dangers (feat. Tara C. Taylor) 04:50
Martin Birke: drums, synths, samples, vocals.
Christopher Scott Cooper: guitars.
Gustav Fjelstrom: fretless bass.
Daniel Panasenko: Chapman stick.
Mick Karn: fretless bass.
Stephen Sullivan: guitars, backing vocals.
Benito Cortez: viola.
Tara C. Taylor: vocals.
Percy Howard: vocals.