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Artist: Genre Peak
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Genre_Peak Ends_Of_The_Earth CD
Ends Of The Earth is the firstst album by Genre Peak, released in 2006.
Featuring the original power trio of Martin Birke, Daniel Panasenko and Stephen Sullivan, the album was produced by Christopher Scott Cooper.

Sacramento-based songwriter and electronic musician Martin Birke started Genre Peak as a solo project in 2005. The following year, he expanded to a trio with the addition of Daniel Panasenko (bass, effects, etc.) and Stephen Sullivan (guitar, synth, misc.) in order to fill out the lineup for live shows and the recording of Genre Peak's debut, Ends of the Earth.

CD in digipak.

1 Bring Me The World
2 Always Empty
3 Pleasure To Burn
4 Point Of No Return
5 Ends Of The Earth
6 Skin
7 Night Fall On Chance
8 Microsphere 13
9 Microsphere 3
10 Microsphere 8
11 Pleasure To Burn (Arp Mix)