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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Genesis
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Genesis Trespass vinyl
Genesis's 1970 studio release on 180g heavyweight vinyl in gatefold cover art faithfully reproduced from its original source. 
Trespass was the last Genesis album to feature the distinctive guitar playing of Anthony Phillips. A beautiful album that defined the gentle 12 string guitar element of the band's early sound, Trespass contains the emotive epics, Looking For Someone, White Mountain, Visions Of Angels and Stagnation, as well as the delicate vignette Dusk and early live favourite, The Knife.
Featuring mastering from the 2008 Nick Davis mix.
Side One:
1. Looking For Someone (7:06)
2. White Mountain (6:42) 
3. Visions Of Angels (6:50) 
Side Two:
1. Stagnation (8:48) 
2. Dusk (4:13) 
3. The Knife (8:56)
- Peter Gabriel / lead voice, flute, accordion, tambourine and bass drum
- Anthony Phillips / acoustic 12-string, lead electric, dulcimer, voices
- Anthony Banks / organ, piano, Mellotron, guitar, voices
- Michael Rutherford / acoustic 12-string, electric bass, nylon, cello, voices
- John Mayhew / drums, percussion, voices