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Artist: Gehenna
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Murder Gehenna CD
Norwegian band Gehenna was formed in early 1993, with the recording of their cult 'Black Seared Heart' demo taking place later that same year, followed shortly by the release of the debut 7" 'Ancestors of the Darkly Sky'. Gehenna became known for their melodic and grim black metal, with symphonic elements adding greatly to the atmosphere of the music, particularly on early releases. The band's style progressed over the years, taking on more death and thrash metal elements at times before returning to black metal.
'Murder' was Gehenna's fifth album, and was originally released in 2000. 'Murder' was notable for being generally more thrash metal based than its predecessors, though still containing much of the savage black and death metal attack which the band had been known for in the past. The album was recorded at Mansion Studio and Klepptomedia Studio, with Øyvind Grødem and Stig Kleppe.
This new edition of 'Murder' features 8 bonus songs, including previously unheard alternate mixes and instrumental versions of album tracks, along with a cover version of Mayhem's classic 'Cursed in Eternity'.
The booklet features liner notes from the band.
1. Intro
2. Murder
3. Worthy Exit
4. Devout Dementia
5. The Crucified One
6. Perfect Hate
7. To the Grave
8. Trail of Blood
9. Master Satan
10. The Dead
Bonus Tracks:
11. Cursed in Eternity
12. Murder (alt. version)
13. The Dead (alt. version)
14. Devout Dementia (instrumental)
15. Perfect Hate (instrumental)
16. To the Grave (instrumental)
17. Trail of Blood (instrumental)
18. Crucified One (ADP version)