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Format: cd
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE193
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London Gazpacho 2CD
Recorded on the 2011 Missa Atropos tour, 'London' captures Norwegian post-progressive band Gazpacho in performance at the legendary Dingwalls in Camden. 
Classic Rock Prog described the evening as 'sublime', going on to state, 'with new album Missa Atropos to draw from as well as a catalogue of songs that draw favourable comparison with both Radiohead and a more sedate Muse, they fill the best part of two hours with invention and brio.'
Disc 1:
1. (Mass for Atropos I) 
2. Defense Mechanism 
3. Snail
4. Vera
5. River
6. Desert Flight
7. The Walk, Part 1
8. The Walk, Part 2
Disc 2:
1. Splendid Isolation
2. Mass for Atropos II
3. Missa Atropos
4. Dream of Stone
5. Chequered Light Buildings 
6. Upside Down
7. Winter is Never