Price: £28.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE889
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Gazpacho Night vinyl
Gazpacho's studio album from 2007 available on vinyl for the first time.
Night saw the band making huge sonic strides. Gone were the four-minute-long songs that filled their previous albums, and in were five sprawling epics, including the hauntingly beautiful seventeen-minute opening track Dream of Stone. 
Atmospheric and dark, violin and pianos abound, this was the band's most Progressive recording to date.
Double LP on 180g heavyweight vinyl with an etching on the 4th side. Presented in a gatefold cover. Mastered for vinyl by Thor Legvold at Sonovo Mastering
1. Dream Of Stone [17:01]
1. Chequered Light Buildings [6:34]
2. Upside Down [9:39]
1. Valerie's Friend [6:30]
2. Massive Illusion [13:36]