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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gary Numan
CatNo: 4050538658743
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Gary Numan Intruder Double vinyl
Intruder is the 2021 studio release from Electro-Rock innovator, Gary Numan.
Reunited with producer Ade Fenton and epic in its scope, the album is another shining example of Numan's spactacular late-career renaissance.
180g double vinyl featuring two bonus tracks.
1) Betrayed
2) The Gift
3) I Am Screaming
4) Intruder
5) Is This World Not Enough
6) A Black Sun
7) The Chosen
8) And It Breaks Me Again
9) Saints And Liars
10) Now And Forever
11) The End Of Dragons
Bonus tracks
12) When You Fall
13) The End Of Dragons (Alt)