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Format: vinyl
Artist: Galasphere 347
CatNo: KAR144LP
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Galasphere 347 Henry Fool White Willow vinyl
Stephen James Bennett, Jacob Holm-Lupo, Mattias Olsson and Ketil Vestrum Einarsen are Anglo-Norwegian Symphonic Progressive band Galasphere 347.
The band’s self-titled debut is a three track, forty minute album with eclectic Prog and Electronic influences (including from the band member’s other projects, Henry Fool and White Willow).
Mastered by Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd).
Vinyl in gatefold cover (designed by Jarrod Gosling).
1. The Voice of Beauty Drowned (10.42) 
2. The Fallen Angel (15.35) 
3. Barbarella’s Lover (15.17)