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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Funkadelic
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Funkadelic The Electric Spanking Of War Bab vinyl Charly
The last in a decade-long run of Top 50 R&B albums, The Electric Spanking Of War Babies was the Funkadelic's twelfth studio LP and featured several players new to the Funkadelic line-up, notably Sly Stone. 
With its allusions to the Vietnam War and US imperialism, to paraphrase critic Robert Christgau, Clinton reached, "Into the disgusting depths of his drug-addled mind," for a project that was destined to court controversy from the start, not least for its uncompromising sleeve art which Warner Bros. demanded be changed.  
Originally conceived as a double album, many tracks saw release on Clinton's later P-Funk projects. 
Described by Christgau as, "The solidest, weirdest chunk of P-Funk since one nation gathered under a groove," and arguably better for having been edited down to a single album, The Electric Spanking... spawned two hit singles.
2014 reissue on heavyweight vinyl, with replica packaging of the original "censored" artwork.
Side 1:
1. Electric Spanking Of War Babies (8:39)
2. Electro-cuties (6:10)
3. Funk Gets Stronger (Part 1) (6:42)
Side 2:
1. Brettino's Bounce (3:38)
2. Funk Gets Stronger (Killer Millimeter Longer Version) / She Loves You (4:41)
3. Shockwaves (5:06)
4. Oh, I (4:51)
5. Icka Prick (4:10)