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Artist: Frost
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Frost Falling Satellites cd
After an 8 year silence, 2016 finally sees the release of the long awaited 3rd album from Frost*, Falling Satellites. 
The brainchild of keyboard player Jem Godfrey, Frost* released its first album, Milliontown to critical acclaim in 2006. Godfrey is joined by long-term collaborator John Mitchell (Lonely Robot/It Bites) on guitar and vocals plus Nathan King (Level 42) on bass and drummer Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson). 
The album includes 11 songs with the final 6 songs forming a 32 minute long suite called Sunlight. Within this collection of songs comes an unexpected guest appearance from none other than Grammy nominated guitar legend Joe Satriani.
Special edition CD with two bonus tracks.
N.B. The signed postcard edition has sold out.
1. First Day (1:37)
2. Numbers (4:22)
3. Towerblock (6:14)
4. Signs (6:37)
5. Lights Out (3:52)
6. Heartstrings (6:21)
7. Closer To The Sun (7:21)
8. The Raging Against The Dying Of The Light Blues In 7/8 (7:50)
9. Nice Day For It... (6:38)
10. Hyperventilate (2:01)
11. Last Day (3:02)
Bonus Tracks:
12. Lantern (3:45)
13. British Wintertime (6:29)