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Format: CD
Artist: Freedom To Glide
CatNo: F2G-06/16-K1A
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Freedom To Glide Fall cd
Fall is the second album in a War-themed trilogy from Freedom To Glide. 
While Fall's predecessor, F2G's 2013 debut album Rain, can be described as 'an awakening to the effects of war', Fall possesses a more reflective, 'coming to terms with horror' atmosphere. 
A musically rich and deeply emotional journey chronicling the devastating effects of conflict. 
CD in digipak with 20 page booklet. 
01 Fall
02 Silent Code
03 Names In The Stone
04 Toll
05 Playing God
06 Exit Wound
07 Enigma
08 The Middle Game
09 Trough Of War
10 Solace
11 Sleep Under The Flag
12 Another Same
13 October