Price: £19.49
Format: vinyl
Artist: Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
CatNo: 238421
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Frank Zappa Burnt Weeny Sandwich Vinyl

A 180g audiophile vinyl version of Zappa and The Mothers enigmatic treat Burnt Weeny Sandwich.

Supervised by the ZFT, the record was specially mastered for this release by Bernie Grundman with all analog production and cut directly from the 1970 quarter inch stereo safety master tape in 2018.

Unavailable on vinyl for more than three decades.

Side 1
2. Igor’s Boogie, Phase One
3. Overture to a Holiday in Berlin
4. Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich
5. Igor’s Boogie, Phase Two
6. Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown
7. Aybe Sea
Side 2
8. Little House I Used To Live In
9. Valarie