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Format: CD
Artist: Frank Wyatt & Friends
CatNo: 888295959643
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Frank Wyatt and Friends Zeitgeist CD Oblivion Sun

Zeitgeist is a collaborative album featuring members of the bands Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun, and the Pedal Giant Animals project.

A beautiful and expansive project awash with ideas and warmth. Includes the 25 minute Perelandra Symphony in D-flat Major.

CD in jewel case with 12-page booklet.

01. Zeitgeist (7:55)
02. Leaving (3:52)
03. Twelve Jumps (4:12)
04. Eleventh Hour (3:24)
05. The Approach (8:06)
06. Fred’s Song (5:37)
07. To Venus (Perelandra Mvt. 1) (8:18)
08. The Green Lady (Perelandra Mvt. 2) (5:48)
09. The Golden Feast (Perelandra Mvt. 3) (4:57)
10. Blessed Be He (Perelandra Mvt. 4) (6:27)


Frank Wyatt: Compositions, Keyboards, Engineering, Project Management
Stan Whitaker: Guitars and Vocals
Kit Watkins: Keyboards
Rick Kennell: Bass Guitar
Mike Beck: Percussion
Cliff Fortney: Vocals
Ron Riddle: Drums
David Rosenthal: Keyboards
Joe Bergamini: Drums
Bill Brasso: Drums
David Hughes: Bass Guitar
Chris Mack: Drums
Peter Princiotto: Orchestration, Sitar
Andrew Colyer: Keyboards
Richard Shaeer: Studio Gear Support
Michael Phipps: Artwork