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Artist: Fovea Hex
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Fovea Hex Here Is Where We Used To Sing Flac Download
'Here Is Where We Used To Sing' is the debut album by Clodagh Simonds's enigmatic collective, Fovea Hex.
Comprising 8 songs and 3 short instrumentals, the music represents a captivating continuation of the unique components - ambient sound art, re-imagined Folk traditions, Simonds's rich voice - that made the Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent EP trilogy so haunting and compelling.
Available in cd and download (mp3/flac 16bit 44.1Khz) formats.
"A voice that one could happily drown in for hours." - Pitchfork
"No clutter, no cliches - both ravishing and rare." - Drew Daniels (Matmos)
On 'Here Is Where We Used To Sing', Simonds has gathered a familiar troupe of collaborators. 
A core ensemble of Simonds (vocals, keyboards, harmonium, psaltery, lyre, kalimba), Laura Sheeran (vocals, saw), Cora Venus Lunny (violin, viola), Michael Begg (electronics, keyboards) and Colin Potter (electronics) are variously joined by Brian Eno, Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons), John Contreras, Kate Ellis, members of Italy's Larsen, and, in keeping with the mystery at the heart of the enterprise, further 'friends who would prefer to remain nameless.' 
1) Far From Here
2) Play Another
3) Falling Things (Where Does A Girl Begin)
4) Every Evening
5) Brisance, My Baby
6) A Hymn To Sulphur
7) Love For The Uncertain
8) Jewelled Eyes
9) The Diamonds
10) Celandine
11) Still Unseen