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Live - Super Deluxe
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Format: boxset - vinyl

A deluxe 2021 edition of Fleetwood Mac’s live album from 1980 featuring a remastered version of t..
Shadows of Iconoclasm
Artist: Darkthrone
Format: boxset - vinyl
Availability: 09-04-2021
A 6LP, 4 cassette deluxe boxset with 7” vinyl, DVD, book and exclusive material, comprehensively ..
Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green And The Early Years Of Fleetwood Mac (Super Deluxe)
Artist: Mick Fleetwood & Friends
Format: boxset - vinyl
Availability: 30-04-2021
On 25th February 2020, legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood enlisted an all-star cast f..
Delicate Sound Of Thunder
Artist: Pink Floyd
Format: vinyl

2020 remix of Pink Floyd's classic live album.    Triple 180g vinyl edition in ..
Distant Memories – Live in London (Limited)
Artist: Dream Theater
Format: boxset

Distant Memories - Live in London brings together selections from 2019’s Distance Over ..
Fleetwood Mac 1973-1974
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Format: boxset

Fleetwood Mac 1973-1974 includes three remastered studio albums, Penguin (1973), Mystery To Me (1..
Official Bootleg Live in Japan 1997 (White) (Signed)
Artist: Anekdoten
Format: boxset

A limited (500 copies) and remastered 3 x white vinyl boxset of Anekdoten’s first live album Offi..
Sign O’ The Times (Super Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Prince
Format: boxset

2020 reissue of Prince’s iconic 1987 double album Sign O’ The Times that captured the artist at t..
Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary)
Artist: Rush
Format: vinyl

The 40th Anniversary triple vinyl edition of Rush’s landmark 1980 release Permanent Waves. &n..
By A Thread: Live In London 2011
Artist: Devin Townsend Project
Format: boxset

By A Thread documents 4 shows in London that saw Devin Townsend perform his quadrilogy of albums ..
Afraid of Sunlight (Deluxe LP)
Artist: Marillion
Format: boxset

A deluxe 5LP re-mixed edition of Afraid Of Sunlight (1995), Marillion's eighth studio album and f..
A very limited deluxe triple vinyl edition of Abbey Road, which contains all 40 tracks from the S..
Cursed in Eternity 4LP edition
Artist: Mayhem
Format: boxset

The infamous 1990 live dates from the Black Metal legends in one spectacular boxset.  &n..
Eras - Vinyl Collection Part 4
Artist: Devin Townsend Project
Format: boxset

The 9 LP Eras - Vinyl Collection Part IV, completes the Eras deluxe box set series of releases.&n..
Always Now
Artist: Section 25
Format: boxset

A deluxe 5 coloured vinyl LP box set edition of Always Now, the debut album by cult Factory Recor..
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