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RökFlöte Deluxe vinyl and Clear vinyl bundle
Artist: Jethro Tull
Format: Boxset - vinyl
Availability: 21-04-2023
A bundle of the Deluxe 2LP/2CD/Blu-ray Artbook with the Clear vinyl edition of RökFlöte by Jethro..
RökFlöte (Deluxe Vinyl)
Artist: Jethro Tull
Format: Boxset - vinyl
Availability: 21-04-2023
Containing twelve songs reminding the world of its iconic and influential Folk-inflected Rock..
BBC Broadcasts
Artist: Genesis
Format: Boxset - vinyl
Availability: 03-03-2023
Curated by Genesis founding member Tony Banks and the group’s long-time engin..
Front Row Center (US Dates 1976 - 1980)
Artist: Gentle Giant
Format: Boxset - vinyl

Celebrating four classic years (1976-1980) of touring throughout the USA, Front Row Center presen..
Steven Wilson Presents: Intrigue - Progressive Sounds In UK Alternative Music 1979–89 (Signed)
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Boxset - vinyl
Availability: 10-02-2023
Steven Wilson Presents: Intrigue - Progressive Sounds In UK Alternative Music 1979–89&nb..
The Complete Albums Collection
Artist: The Alan Parsons Project
Format: Boxset - vinyl

The Complete Albums Collection contains all eleven Alan Parsons Project studio albums s..
Harvest (50th Anniversary)
Artist: Neil Young
Format: Boxset - vinyl

A 50th anniversary 2LP/7"/2DVD boxset edition of Neil Young's hugely successful Harvest..
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (20th Anniversary Deluxe) (5LP)
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Format: Boxset - vinyl
Availability: 14-04-2023
An expansive 20th Anniversary Deluxe 5LP box set Edition of the glorious Yoshimi,&..
The Virgin Years
Artist: The Human League
Format: Boxset - vinyl

A 5 LP box set containing the Human League's 1981-1990 Virgin Records output.   Hous..
Revolver (Super Deluxe)
Artist: The Beatles
Format: Boxset - vinyl

A 2022 mix of the Beatles' iconic 1966 release Revolver by producer Giles Martin a..
Fairyport - Deluxe
Artist: Wigwam
Format: Boxset - vinyl

An extravagant 51st anniversary edition of Wigwam’s wildly inventive prog rock classic, Fairyport..
Lightwork (Deluxe)
Artist: Devin Townsend
Format: Boxset - vinyl

Devin Townsend's astonishing 2022 release Lightwork was assembled from material written duri..
Pure Fucking Armageddon (6 Picture Disc)
Artist: Mayhem
Format: Boxset - vinyl

Celebrating the beginnings of the Norwegian Black Metal masters's career, the Pure Fucking Ar..
Rage In Eden: 40th Anniversary Deluxe
Artist: Ultravox
Format: Boxset - vinyl

Regarded as the strongest Ultravox release of all, Rage In Eden was produced by Conny Plank and r..
The Asylum Albums (1972-1975) (5LP)
Artist: Joni Mitchell
Format: Boxset - vinyl

The Asylum Albums (1972-1975) includes Bernie Grundman remastered versions of..
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