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Artist: Alberto Rigoni
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Alberto Rigoni For the Love of Bass flac
Alberto Rigoni’s audacious For The Love of Bass is an all-star bassist's album featuring some of the best bass players in the world. 
The instrumentation comprises exclusively electric bass, spanning ambient, fusion, jazz and new age styles.
Alongside Rigoni, the line-up features Nathan EastLeland SklarMichael ManringTony FranklinDoug WimbishAdam Nitti, Lars LehmannCody WrightMohini Dey and David Pastorius.
32Bit/44.1kHz Flac.
1. Drops of Memories (feat. Tony Franklin)
2. In the Loop (feat. David Pastorius)
3. Dreamers  (feat. Michael Manring)
4. Alone in the Dark (feat. Doug Wimbish)
5. Paranoia (feat. Cody Wright)
6. The Maze (feat. Mohini Dey)
7. Masked Souls (feat. Nathan East & Michael Manring)
8. Social Distortion (feat. Adam Nitti)
9. Mad World bass cover (feat. Leland Sklar)
10. Killers (feat. Lars Lehmann)
11. Misirlou bass cover (feat. Lars Lehmann)
12. Lost (feat. Adam Nitti)